We export our goods worldwide.


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We process about 150 tons of textiles in varying quality every month. Below is a list of the categories.


1. quality & cremé

In our shop you'll find the 1st best quality clothes. Of course you can also buy this items sorted in bags of approx. 20 kg. The clothing is sorted according to women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes, XXL clothing and much more.


2. quality Africa

We sell our 2nd best quality as a mix to Africa.

In our Tropical-Mix (summer mix) the women's, men's and children's clothing is mixed together. These items are folded and are pressed into big bales of approx. 450 kg. Also, in the bales is include household goods.

Shoes, bags and other items which can not be pressed, we sell in sacks of 20 kg.


We divide our Tropical mix into two categories. Tropical Mix Grade A contains the clothing of 2nd quality. The summer mix grade B corresponds to the 3rd qualityThe articles contained are identical with those of Grade A.


3. quality Pakistan-Mix

The 3rd best quality clothes we sell to Pakistan. We sort these individually for items (f.e. jackets, blazer; women's and men's trousers, household). We also offer a Pakistan-Mix. This contains all the items you can get separately.

Again, we press the items into big bales.

Only the things that can not be pressed, such as shoes, bags etc. are packed in sacks with a weight of 18-20 kg.